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skinwalker ranch stories

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March 23, 2017, 11:09:11 PM *
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Author Topic: Some things to think about ...  (Read 489 times)

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« on: November 19, 2016, 11:11:21 PM »

From this thread:

here are a few... there is a masonic symbol etched into skinwalker ridge

i've heard thsi mythi more times than i can could and found zero evidence of such a thing.


its one thing to believe "stories" its another to actually know the exact coodinates to where this supposed symbol actually is.  which i guarantee you cannot tell me or can your friend... why?  Because it doesnt exist.  Its just a share we all keep passing along because it adds to the conspiracy.

Absence of you seeing it is not absence of it existing. What is NOT a myth is 'Masonic' symbols in multiple locations in the West and Southwest. What is NOT a myth is Masonic interest and involvement in sites that have Pręternatural stuff going on in the West and Southwest (but there is MORE than just the paranormal these sites are tied to). I'm no Skinwalker Ranch historian or expert, but, IIRC, Knapp has said that it exists. You don't have the best opinion of Knapp, but he is an actual investigative journalist - it is an assumption of mine, but I do assume that Knapp would not have thrown that out there had he not trusted the source he got it from, if for no other reason than his professional journalistic integrity.

Because Knapp said it's there doesn't mean such exists, but you not having found it is meaningless concerning its actual existence. No offense.

And, as I just mentioned, this is VERY BELIEVABLE as such ('Masonic' symbols/rock carvings left by Masons) are to be found carved in rocks in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, etc. But, if you are unaware of such, it might seem 'unbelievable' to you. You have people in this forum speculating that there is an Alien UFO base inside of the ridge, you speculate you are seeing creatures from a millions year old sea bed in some sort of time rift, some French lady, with no apparent credibility on the subject, living in Egypt says there was a fire fight there and people entertain that idea, yet it is the rock carving that you find to be a myth and unbelievable? Interesting ...

Why did Knapp even mention it? I'm not a mind reader, so I don't know, as, on the surface, it has nothing to do with anything concerning the observed phenomenon. But, this isn't really an 'on the surface' subject, is it ...

There is also talk of an Indian Burial Ground. Like with Masonic symbols, Skinwalker Ranch is not the only place where Pręternatural stuff occurs and there is a rumored Indian Burial Ground (there is a lot more to the story of this Indian Burial Ground stuff that pops up at multiple locations that have Pręternatural events occuring). On top of that, there is the 'the Utes enslaved the Navajos' angle. Enslaved to do what ?...? The Utes had no need for slaves - but, others did and there were millions of Native Americans enslaved in the West and Southwest, and it was Europeans running the show, not Native Americans. European, umm 'Priests' (and no, I'm not really referring to Catholic Priests, though the Jesuits know waaaaaaay more about this stuff than you, Bigelow, NIDS, Christopher O'Brien, Knapp, et al., and were all over the West and Southwest up to, at times, quite nefarious things) ...

People tend to think that the only conspiracy with this stuff involves US government Agencies and some fabled and awaited disclosure about little green men in flying saucers. I don't believe in the physical flying UFO and little green men from other planets nonsense, btw. A bunch of intentional disinfo BS is what that Roswell stuff is - I agree with what Alexander said - "The key to catching the Skinwalker comes from another idea proposed by Alexander, that UFO (and other anomalous experiences) are projected directly into the brains of the observers, manipulating their experience of reality." Except, I just refer to it as eating a Demonic Sheet of Acid and goin' on a Trip. I believe in the Pręternatrual, though, just not the Little Green Men from Planet X, anal probes in hand, in a physical flying saucer. Whatever involvement said agencies have in such (all of it, not just Skinwalker Ranch), well, they are the newcomers - there are groups/institutions that have been well aware of all of this Pręternatural stuff for CENTURIES.

another myth to dispell is that the gormans/shermans were not allowed to dig on the ranch property because of some sort of alien conspiracy.... the truth of the matter is the previous owner had buried his son on the property on that location and did not want the new owner to dig him up...

What kind of parent buries their child and doesn't leave a grave stone/marker? Where is it? Parents do NOT just dump their children into a hole in the ground without some type of gravemarker. It could happen that way, but that is actually pretty unlikely to happen that way (no grave marker left by the parent). The ranch is 480 acres - a grave is 7'x3'. I don't buy, "Don't dig on the 480 acre property because you might dig up my son." That is NOT how that would go down, IMO. Again, where is the gravestone and we are talking about a 7'x3' patch of ground on 480 acres that the previous owner wouldn't want dug up. Knapp (again, IIRC) reported that they used heavy machinery to dig to try to 'instigate' something. If I am remembering correctly and Knapp said that, well, I ain't buying an unmarked grave of a child being the reason for the no digging ...

Since you personally haven't seen a 'Masonic' symbol you flat out state no such thing exists. I bet you have never seen that alleged grave, either, yet you believe in that? Hmmm.

I don't know if there is a Masonic symbol there, nor about the 'Indian Burial Ground' stuff, nor the truth on the 'No Dig'/buried kid stuff. However, if all three are legit, there are explanations for all of that and its ties to the Pręternatural, and they all have something to do with one another ...

And all of this stuff is complicated, involves more 'conspiracy' than most are up for (reality and overcoming indoctrination can be a bitch) and large amounts of research into what many might initially assume to be 'unrelated areas' - and it all goes back a good 600-800 years ...

As a side note, you mentioned somewhere about looking for LDS ties. What do you know about the foundation of Mormonism and where the Book of Mormon came from (Joseph Smith the Masonic Treasure Hunter), or how Brigham and the Boys were Masons? Masons are tools, Useful Idiots for TPTB (The Powers That Be), btw, not some 'top of the pyramid' group ...

I'm not trying to be confrontational, merely stimulate discussion ...
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« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 09:56:59 AM »

I said there is no evidence of a masonic symbol ON or immediately around the ranch property.  I never ever said masonic symbols do not exist.  I was sent this photograph several years ago of the supposed symbol, again just adds more speculation and ZERO EVIDENCE.  NO ONE knows where the "masonic symbol is"... insiders outsiders, none of us.  Were masonic symbols found in the mountains hundreds of miles to the north of skinwalker ranch?  Who knows quiet possibly, however there is zero connection between the two if so.  My studies are focused on claims regarding the ranch property (and neighbors) only.  I am not analyzing the entire state of Utah and surrounding states.

"If I am remembering correctly and Knapp said that, well, I ain't buying an unmarked grave of a child being the reason for the no digging ..."

I spoke directly to several neighbors who were caretakers on the Skinwalker Ranch property well before the Shermans established residence.  These caretakers (who are also neighbors) told me that one of the children of the previous owner died on the property and was buried on the property.  They instructed the Shermans not to dig for fear of disturbing the grave.  it was common practice (according to the local I spoke with, to burying your family on your property in those olden days.  Also due to mineral rights, many new land owners in the Uintah Basin do not have access to dig on their properties, they may own the land but not the mineral rights.  Knapps took some creative liberties in his book, I am only trying to dispel truth from fantasy.  I would like nothing more than to be disproven, as it would only further my interest in this mystery.  However unfortunately the truth is typically more boring that the fantasy we would like to believe (dont dig or you will uncover the alien hive... look out for all those mason symbols as the illunati and lizard people run the ranch..and so on and so forth).  There is a real mystery here waiting to be solved, lets just not muddy it up with fiction.
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« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2017, 04:58:35 PM »

There is indeed a masonic symbol located on the ranch located high up on a stone face - it was inscribed in the late 1800s and signed by the actual degreed mason who officiated at the ranch. It is the "Square and Compasses" symbol.

See below image sent by ranch security:


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