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mysterious french woman making alien battle claims on ranch revealed!

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( — Controversy has exploded onto the Internet following a contentious episode of Jesse Ventura’s TruTV program “Conspiracy Theory” exposing high strangeness at aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow’s Skinwalker Ranch.

At issue: a rumor of a battle with extraterrestrial aliens passed on by physicist Dr. Jack Sarfatti, based upon a story he was told by a “mysterious French woman” Sarfatti has now identified as Antoine Gigal.

In the 1990s, Bob Bigelow funded UFO investigations under a group he founded called the National Institute of Discovery Sciences, also known as NIDS.

Among the many investigations conducted by NIDS was the mysterious case of the so-called Bigelow Skinwalker Ranch in a remote region of Utah, where a variety of paranormal phenomena had been reported.

According to Sarfatti’s account, the French woman “claimed an actual gun battle at Bigelow Ranch with Bob’s paramilitary against aliens out of the wormhole with dead and wounded humans. She was very convincing and Nick Cook heard the strange tale at his private London Club with me and another witness. I debriefed Kit Green and Ron Pandolfi soon after and the story caused a big stir.”

Pandolfi and Green are well known for their interest in unusual phenomena and their history of employment with the CIA. Green confirmed he was the chair of the NIDS science board during the ranch investigation.

“I was asked by the ‘CIA’ not to pursue the story in 2004, but now Bigelow has (allegedly, it seems) opened Pandora’s Box on the story.”

The story of an alien invasion was the latest in a series of odd claims about paranormal events haunting a remote ranch in Utah.

In his 1997 article for Spirit Magazine, republished on line, Dave Perkins recounts on one hellish incident reported by the previous ranch owner.

In the summer of 1994, Terry [Sherman] (a rancher and cattle breeder) and his wife Gwen (employed for 20 years at the local bank) had found their dream ranch … The family started noticing “glowing blue balls” moving around the property … Terry described it as “a glass ball about the size of a baseball,” which appeared to contain “two blue fluids which intermingled with each other” … the globe retreated and the Sherman’s three dogs, after some coaxing, took off chasing it in snarling hot pursuit … They lost sight of the ball and then heard a piercing yelp — the three dogs did not return … The next day Gwen and Terry found three burned circles in the woods. In the center of each circle, they discovered a greasy blob of what looked to be “shortening or butter” … Feeling that they could no longer guarantee the safety of their children, they decided to call it quits. They would put the place up for sale and leave the hellish ranch.

The ranch was purchased by Bigelow, the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a company focused on building inflatable space habitats for the next generation of corporate-backed space explorers.

When Bigelow told the New York Times “people have been killed” by UFOs, Sarfatti resuscitated a tale he had heard at a 2004 meeting in London.

“Why this strange elaborate story? That is the issue whether the events happened or not — either way … The issue is where did she get her story from? Why spill it to me?” asked Sarfatti. “Who told her about the ranch if it was not [former NIDS consultant] Jacques Vallee as she alleg

George Knapp is a veteran investigative reporter and co-author of a book about the ranch published in 2005.

“I am certain that Jack [Sarfatti] accurately reported the story as it was told to him and others by the mysterious French woman, and if I were in his shoes, I would probably share the story with others to solicit their feedback and opinions,” wrote Knapp, in response to an ongoing email discussion of the alleged event. “In fact, the story he told did grab our attention, so much so that [Bigelow scientist] Colm [Kelleher, Ph.D.] and I addressed it in the Skinwalker book (pages 204-205).”

In the summer of 2004, one other ranch-related controversy surfaced, and it carried with it the darkest of implications. A brilliant but maverick physicist [Sarfatti] known to have extensive contacts in intelligence circles and the UFO community suggested on the Internet that one or two [of Bigelow's] NIDS [National Institute Discovery Science] staffers had been found murdered on the ranch and the slayings had been covered up … Needless to say, there is not a word of truth to this rumor.

“I do not work for Mr. Bigelow but I have close and trusted friends within his organization,” Knapp added, “They have all told me that no such event ever occurred. Several of them have made public statements to this effect.”

Questions remain in Sarfatti’s mind concerning the tale he was told by Gigal in 2004.

“Ms. Gigal claimed to know Jacques Vallee — plausible, that Jacques phoned her to arrange a meeting in Paris,” Sarfatti explained, concerning the story he heard from Gigal, “That he was emotional and upset on the phone because of the fatalities in the firefight and that Bigelow was willing to give her group (not her alone) three million dollars to come to the ranch and help in the investigation. Now this is also what Nick Cook and Grant Stapleton heard.”

At her website, Gigal is described as a “researcher and author in egyptology” who has “for 20 years” been “working in Egypt” at “the most remote archaeological sites.”

FIE Workshop Group
“I think she believed what she was saying … She must give her side of the story as should Jacques Vallee,” Sarfatti added. “Also [defense journalist] Nick Cook has to come clean and Grant Stapleton — if he is still alive — must reveal why he feared for his life because of Antoine’s story.”


here is a picture of this mystery woman.

I'm aware that even the skinwalker ranch forum was a place of High Strangeness. But I didn't expect to be walking into a parallel world with strange echoes of an entire series of Lost.

Interesting place this.  :)

I wonder if the 'mysterious' French woman is so involved in Egyptology  because that period was the last period in our history cattle-sacrifice hungry entities walked amongst us - as they are doing now at Skinwalker Ranch?


Check out this article on Veteran's Today

And here's a followup on it from another source:

I just don't see our military capabilites even coming close to what an UFO is able to do. Even with all the reversed engineered Alien technology we are like ants the E.T.s


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