1.  Confidential Sherman Ranch Remote Viewer Report

                    A.  Remote Viewer Sub-Notes             B.  Remote Viewer
2.  April Slaughter Report on Skinwalker part 1 of 2 [TITLE: Seeking Out The Skinwalker]
3.  April Slaughter Report on Skinwalker part 1 of 2[TITLE: Seeking Out The Skinwalker]
4.   Colorado ufo Ranch Origional 1978 Report part 1

 4.  Colorado ufo Ranch Origional 1978 Report part 2

5.    Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena -Jacques F. Vallee and Eric W. Davis

6.  How to become a skinwalker

7.  Another version of how to become a skinwalker
7.  Stories of strangeness in the basin sent to me by a local native.
8.  The Physical World as a Virtual Reality
9.  Plat Maps of Skinwalker Ranch and surrounding properties (a must have for any serious investigator!)
10.  Document outlining "Channeled" information from supposedly Alien Contact
11.  Mathematical equations on how to find space/time portals and top secret bases
12.  Emailed discussion with investigator about Bigelow and Colorado Ranch
13. Article in Spirit Magazine Terry Sherman speaks out about last days on the Ranch.
14. Supposed secret Russian book on all alien races
15. Minutes from local city meeting regarding the closure of skinwalker ranch road (note current ownership of the ranch as highlighted by the attorney representing the property)
16. Mystery Stalks the Prairie (1976) by Keith Wolverton NIDs linked to this book
17. Power outage and massive UFO seen over Skinwalker Ranch
18.  1978 Local News Article about a UFO seen near Skinwalker Ranch
19. Teleportation "Portal" Study paper written by NIDS/BAASS member Dr. Eric Davis
20.  How to build a "Warp Drive" paper written by Dr. Eric Davis classified by the DIA
21. Albert Rosales collection of all Utah Humanoid Reports
22. Linda Moulton Howe Interview with Terry Sherman
22. Utah UFO *Humanoid Case Files
23. Uintah Basin UFO encounters
24.  Automatic writing report of mysterious native skinwalker(?) on property  *Download .ZIP File
25.  Kit Green, Dr. Eric Davis, and Colm Kelleher discussing alien autopsy video
26. Correspondence between NIDS and Astronaut Edgar Mitchell File 1   File 2
27.  BAASS operative "Chris" prelude to his upcoming book Except 1 Excerpt 2
Archived NIDS Reports
1. Alleged Implant
1. Final Report
3. Ice Circle Report
4. Illinois Triangle Hypothesis
5. Microwave
6. Mutilation of calves
7. New mexico
8. Triangle Craft
9. Varisor Report
10. Wolverton Report


     Ryan Skinner on Midnight in the Desert with Shannon LeGro Click here for subscription
     Ryan Skinner Skinwalker Ranch Interview with Erica Lukes  [1-5-18]
     Interview with Ryan Skinner (this website) regarding the Ranch on The ParaCast
     Church of Mobus Radio interview with Ryan Skinner (from this website) (starts at 33:00 mark)
     Interview with Ryan skinner local radio station.
     Excellent podcast on Skinwalker Ranch with mysterious guest.
     Ryan Skinner gives a interview about his book
     Another Podcast done by Ryan Skinner 1-7-14
     Interview on the ParaCast Radio Show 1-19-14
     Interview on the ParaCast Radio Show 6-28-14
     Interview on Ufo Encounters Show 7-29-14
     Interview on Paracast Radio Show 5-29-15
          -YOUTUBE VIDEOS-
               Ryan Skinner on SyFy Channel's Joe Rogan Questions Everything
               Ryan Skinner on TruTv Channel's Jesse Venturas Conspiracy Theory
               Ryan Skinner Sizzle Reel for pilot tv show "The Basin"
               Skinwalker Ranch : Path of the Skinwalker
Tom Winterton "Ranch Superintendent" gives rare interview on Erica Lukes show 3/29/19
     Interview Ryan Burns on High Side Chats 4/28/19
     Interview Ryan Burns on Shadow Nation 4/14/19
     Interview Ryan Burns on local radio station K-Talk
     Interview with Ryan Burns on Ghostman & DemonHunter Show
     Interview with Ryan Burns author of Skinwalker and Beyond.
          -YOUTUBE VIDEOS-
            Skinwalker Ranch videos taken by the heroparanormal group.
            Skinwalker Ranch movie director and Ryan Burns Interview.
               Skinwalker & Beyond
     Colm Kelleher interview on Above Top Secret 2018 (go to the 46:00 mark to hear interview)
     Rare NIDS documentary on the Ranch George Knapps Presentation

     Interview with George Knapp

     Unique Interview with Colm Kelleher
     Another Important Colm Kelleher Interview

     George Knapp Interview

     Colm Kelleher Interview

          -YOUTUBE VIDEOS-
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Part 3
      Part 4
      Part 5
      Part 6
               Hunt for the Skinwalker
               Brain Trust
     Local Town Hall Meeting Minutes with Thomas Whinterton, New Owner and Bigelow

     Researchers Rich Oliver, Matt Goen, April Slaughter Horrifying Experience on the Ranch

     Interview with Christopher O Brien

     Local radio station x94 discusses skinwalker ranch
     Local radio station X94 discusses Skinwalker Ranch
     Interview with Frank Salisbury author of Utah Ufo Display

     Alien Dave Discusses the Ranch.

     Antonio Paris from Aerial Phenomenon gives interview on the ranch
     Coast to Coast AM 12/17/16 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour 4  Skinwalker Ranch
     Coast to Coast AM 12/29/17 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour 4  Secret UFO Program
     Coast to Coast AM  1/28/18  Skinwalker Ranch Secret UFO Program Hal Puthoff Eric Davis
      Interview with a "real" skinwalker
"Haunted Man" does an interview with local Ute Larry Cesspooch about Skinwalker Ranch
Col. John Alexander gives interview on Skinwalker Ranch.

Links to other Skinwalker Sites/Forums


1. Current Updates & Investigation Reports at Ranch! (site no longer available?)


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3.  Fort Duchesne UFO Group on Facebook dedicated to discussing local paranormal activity

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2a. Ranch Forum

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6.  Wikipedia Skinwalker Ranch Article


7. Link to Several Skinwalker Threads

8.  Story on Jeff Rense by George Knapp
9.  Waybackmachine Origional NIDS WEBSITE
10. Interesting summary regarding Skinwalker Ranch The Ghost Diaries
11. The Black Vaults Bigelow Aerospace (NIDS and BAASS) UFO Connection with the FAA

Sources & References

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[link to] Colorado Springs Gazette - "Remote Utah ranch scene of scientific UFO study"

[link to] A 2006 follow-up article on the scientific research that Bigelow's minions are supposed to be doing at the ranch.

[link to] “Lodi News-Sentinel” Reference to the Bigelow purchase and for what reasons.

[link to] Had to throw this one in because they listed on their "reputable" sites.

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